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Tag: Spiritual Dynamics

Healthy Spirituality for Leaders and Followers

In this article, I will endeavor to establish a theological foundation for spiritual formation that transforms the character, and results in greater influence. To change...

Jesus Is the Fountainhead of All True Christian Leadership

Christian leadership is only found in Jesus Christ. True leadership is not found in anything other than Him – in anything other than His Person – in anything other than a living, abiding union and fellowship with Him. Christian leadership starts with Him. Otherwise, it is all worthless.

8 Tips to Survive the Messy Middle

Impacted by a testimony of the transforming work of God in someone’s life, we are often left in awe of God’s faithfulness and with...

Putting the Mask On First

That little yellow mask that drops down from the ceiling in an airplane gives life-saving oxygen in a depressurized cabin. Oxygen is something that we take for granted while our feet are firmly planted on the ground. Sam discusses how our relationship with God is as crucial to leadership life support as oxygen is to the physical body. He outlines how self-deception toward responsibilities can be as detrimental to the physical body as lack of oxygen.

A Hurried Pastor Connects with Jesus

To be unhurried like Jesus is to abandon outcomes to God. You’re not trying to make anything happen. You’re not trying to get anyone to do anything. You’re waiting on God. You’re patient. You’re free to enjoy the moment, love God and be loved by God, and love your neighbor.

Three Battles Every Leader Must Win

Ever feel like your life is a constant battle? Want three keys to turning those battles into minor skirmishes? These battles are where the enemy seeks to render us ineffective in our work for our Lord. Scott reminds us that God is the owner of all aspects of a true leader’s life and calling. Releasing the ownership of these aspects to God’s capable hands gives the leader a great freedom from slavery to the responsibilities. This way of leadership is a journey of disciplined practice that leads to selflessness and being more Christ-like.

The Power of Prayer to Connect Couples

“I'll let you in on a little secret. Jill and I work really hard to keep a relational connection in the midst of marriage ministry. Emotional and physical closeness aren't a given. We have to make time to connect to just be husband and wife in an ever-evolving relationship. And there's nothing as good as prayer to connect (and to repair us).”

Great Expectations?

“I personally love worshiping with believers from other cultures, especially in their home countries. I can’t help but look around the room and think, this is it! This is a little glimpse of what it’s going to be like in Heaven. Those are some of the most treasured worship memories of my life. Yet I can’t help but wonder why isn’t that my usual experience back here in North America?”

Caring for Your Soul in Times of Change

Water is essential to life, and in some areas of the world, humans must dig deep wells to keep water readily available. In the midst of organizational change, we desperately need to draw on our spiritual resources. How easily we do this may depend on our spiritual habits – our rhythms of life. How deep have we dug our spiritual wells?

Why am I Here?

Everything we do in life and leadership must flow out of being in relationship with God! Doing comes from being: Being in relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is above all, and it is out of this relationship that we do.

The Art of Avoiding Immorality

We all need to cry out for God to transform our hearts and give us hearts like His, hearts of genuine love for others and deep respect for each individual as a unique creation of God. Servant-leaders acknowledge daily that their hearts need God’s transformative power.

Jesus Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

God really loves me! Really, He does. When was the last time you contemplated that truth? In this article, Matthew reminds leaders that Jesus loves them always, and a strong illustration of this is when Jesus told His disciples to abide in Him. He also outlines a few practical ways to receive Jesus’ love every day, and to enjoy Him.

Lesson from a Laptop

When the pressure is on and there is a lot to do, in the very time we need to be intimately connected to God and depending upon His Spirit, we as Christian leaders tend to cut back on quality time with God and end up “running on battery.” Sadly, what usually starts out as a temporary measure often becomes a dangerous habit. Before long, we find ourselves operating in our own strength and wisdom, and not in God’s.

5 Principles for Growing through Change

Just a little rain transforms an arid desert into a magnificent blooming garden. That rain changes the arid environment and draws life from dormant seeds. The same can happen when we face changes in our lives. Sam experienced not one, but four painful organizational changes in his 24 years with World Vision. He said, “I was laid off once, resigned once and ‘stormed out’ once.” Sam outlines some growing lessons from Psalm 37.

Is Evangelical Worship Headed for a Huge Crash?

Even I didn’t know most of the songs that we were supposed to be singing along to at the conference. I tuned out. I sat down. I tweeted. I texted my wife. I gave up.

Rejection 101

If you interact with other humans, chances are you'll experience some sort of rejection, and that can feel like being in the center of a storm without any shelter or comfort. Eric reminds us that leaders must weather the storms of rejection.

13 Truths about Spiritual Warfare for Leaders

Over the past twenty years, I have studied, written, and taught about spiritual warfare. Based on that work, here are some warfare reminders for church leaders.

How Did I Know She Was “The One”?

The question persists strongly for those of us raised in evangelical America, where we are taught to seek God’s will for our lives in every area, especially the big decisions. So when I was head over heels in love with Anne (being a good Evangelical) I wrestled with whether or not she was “the One” God had chosen for me.

Value Your Wife Above All Earthly Things

I had seven years to confirm that she was valuable as she mostly ignored me. Well ignored may be too strong: the thesaurus says disregarded, overlooked, or bypassed would be equally descriptive. Just pick one. The point is I finally caught her, and the compliment of my life was that she traded all her other options (and they were numerous) for me.

Unlikely Leaders

In Revelation 3:8 God told the church at Philadelphia that He had set an open door before them even though they had “little power.” Many times God opens a door for leaders who doubt their leadership abilities. How could I be considered a leader or have anything to offer leaders? Julie had to do some rethinking about leadership and asks several important questions.
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