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Sunday, May 19, 2024
Tags Relational Dynamics

Tag: Relational Dynamics

Building Relationships for Lasting Success

Whether you realize or not, relationships are the fuel that feeds your success, and are often highlighted as an important part of your role...

Jesus, Leadership, and the Courage to Serve

It is often easier to take the well-traveled road, but now is not the time to grow apathetic. It is not the time for good people to do nothing. Kevin understands the temptation of apathy but encourages us to confront it.

Jesus Is the Fountainhead of All True Christian Leadership

Christian leadership is only found in Jesus Christ. True leadership is not found in anything other than Him – in anything other than His Person – in anything other than a living, abiding union and fellowship with Him. Christian leadership starts with Him. Otherwise, it is all worthless.

8 Tips to Survive the Messy Middle

Impacted by a testimony of the transforming work of God in someone’s life, we are often left in awe of God’s faithfulness and with...

The Perfect Facilitator

Why do some resist the facilitation process? Why are some able to trust facilitators to have the best interests of the organization as well as the organization’s members at heart, while others cannot trust right away? Claes shares some excellent facilitator characteristics.

Mentoring for Kingdom Potential

The predominant image of leaders in Jesus’ time – not very different from our own time – was that they were egocentric, oppressive, and...

A Letter from an Emerging Leader

Discipleship of the emerging leader is as crucial as a lion nurturing his offspring or a father his child, but it goes deeper than a father to child relationship. It is much broader than teaching skills or fine-tuning character. Malcolm has written a letter that goes straight to the heart of discipleship and what emerging leaders need from those more experienced leaders.

Finding a Critical Friend

Leaders need people they can trust to give them honest feedback, however uncomfortable. Without such people, leaders will not see their blind spots. They will lose their humility. Their growth will be stunted.

Alone in a Crowd

Pastors are surrounded with people. We confer with them in meetings, conflict with them in ministry, visit them in hospitals, counsel them in crises and train them in seminars. We pour our lives into them. But who pours their lives into us?

The Proverbs 31 Husband

What started as a romantic bike ride had become a small intimate adventure. I had inadvertently awed her with my relaxed trust in her steering. And boy did I reap the benefits, scoring big points with my new wife. Not a bad idea on your honeymoon.

Daring to be Vulnerable

Leaders can be prey to many dangers from the outside and within. Consider a leader’s fear of being vulnerable. Clinton shares a case where vulnerability led to greater trust.

The Power of Prayer to Connect Couples

“I'll let you in on a little secret. Jill and I work really hard to keep a relational connection in the midst of marriage ministry. Emotional and physical closeness aren't a given. We have to make time to connect to just be husband and wife in an ever-evolving relationship. And there's nothing as good as prayer to connect (and to repair us).”

4 Strategies to Connect with Others

Ever feel like someone is not paying attention to you when they are not looking at you? How about when you are talking and they are tapping on a screen? What does that body language say when someone is trying to communicate with you? God has put you into other people’s lives on purpose. How can we as Christian leaders be a better representation of Christ to our family and friends – to the ones that know us the best and get under our skin the most?

Are You Neglecting to Communicate?

Communication is worth the investment and is very powerful. We can recall when our communication mattered, such as ordering a meal and enjoying it when it is placed on our table, when a family member humbly asked for forgiveness, or when a colleague offered much needed help. This is one of the great questions about human communication: Why do we believe that our communication can make a positive difference?

A Window for God’s Glory

What a dilemma! ... I asked, “Why is it that you think ministry (preaching, evangelism, pastoral care etc.) is serving God but your government job is not ministry?”

A Teacher’s Greatest Disappointment

A certain leader took on a very promising young man to disciple in the faith. The leader’s reputation was such that if he were to let it be known that he was looking for someone to mentor, most people would drop everything to volunteer for the position. The leader poured heart and soul over that young man, but he was still a tremendous disappointment.

Jesus Intentionally Built Leaders

Transformation of a caterpillar into a gorgeous butterfly is biologically amazing. Transforming fishermen, shepherds, and tax collectors into mighty men of faith and leadership was the intentional act of Jesus. The results were obvious, turning the world upside down. Such should be the results of our own discipleship. God freely gives this ability of building leaders to anyone who will answer His call.

10 Ways To Lose Great Staff

When you lose a great staff member, it’s like climbing a tall staircase to nowhere. You did a lot of work in training and creating a staff culture that is productive; then, it’s gone. Jay has heard all the reasons why people leave seemingly great ministry positions. Here are ten of them.

Why am I Here?

Everything we do in life and leadership must flow out of being in relationship with God! Doing comes from being: Being in relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is above all, and it is out of this relationship that we do.

The Art of Avoiding Immorality

We all need to cry out for God to transform our hearts and give us hearts like His, hearts of genuine love for others and deep respect for each individual as a unique creation of God. Servant-leaders acknowledge daily that their hearts need God’s transformative power.
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