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The 2 Non-Negotiables of Legitimate Vision

We short-change the idea of visionary leadership if we think it refers to big-talking, charismatic personalities who manipulate the people to accomplish their own predetermined and self-serving purposes.

The One Characteristic of a Healthy Church

What is the best and most biblical way to define a “healthy” church?

10 Ways to Destroy the Culture of Your Ministry

In a time of so much uncertainty it’s comforting to know there are some rock-solid, absolutely guaranteed, methods to destroy the culture of whatever it is you’re leading. Here they are. Try them out!

Leaders Act!

By definition, leaders have too many responsibilities on their plate. This is what distinguishes leaders from non-leaders – the ability to think it through...

You’re Working on the Wrong Things and It’s Wearing You Out!

I know a particular leader who is very conscientious and has a hard time giving away power to others. To be sure that things...

A Letter from an Emerging Leader

Discipleship of the emerging leader is as crucial as a lion nurturing his offspring or a father his child, but it goes deeper than a father to child relationship. It is much broader than teaching skills or fine-tuning character. Malcolm has written a letter that goes straight to the heart of discipleship and what emerging leaders need from those more experienced leaders.

Do You Overestimate Your Ability as a Leader?

How accurately do you estimate your ability as a leader? Do you think too highly of yourself, not highly enough, or about right? The Scriptures teach that we are inherently prone to both self-deception and pride. It’s critical for leaders to guard their lives and not assume that failure only happens to “other, weaker” leaders.

On Brokenness

Perhaps the broken man is the very one who can teach you to be whole…?

So Much of Our Teaching Is Not Sound and This Is How to Fix It

People waste years and sometimes their whole lives, never coming close to their purpose in God, because they get caught up in their own or someone else’s religious speculations. If we are to be effective and balanced teachers of God’s Word, we must recognize that our doctrines have various levels of significance and of authority. Jesus said there are certain doctrinal matters that are “more important” than others. By implication, this means there are some doctrinal matters that are “less important.”

We Need to Learn Empathy!

Studies have linked empathy to greater patient satisfaction, better outcomes, decreased physician burnout, and a lower risk of malpractice suits and errors. Doctors need to understand people, not just science, and healthy leaders need to cultivate empathy in order to affect the lives of those around them.

Self-Giving Leadership

A beautiful parable of suffering. Read this if you would serve in leadership.

Truly Christ-Centered Leader Development

Burned out and frustrated Christian leaders are now recognizing that they have been absorbed in His work more than in His Person. Our training programs might harness the latest and greatest of human wisdom and methods, but if we do not bring our emerging leaders into face-to-face encounters with the Son of God, lives will not be changed. Healthy leader development must be entirely Christ-centered, Christ-focused, Christ-absorbed. The Son of God is all in all!

The 2 Things That Every Leader Must Do

To be effective a leader must delegate many responsibilities, as well as – whenever possible – the necessary decision-making authority. However, there are two critical areas that uniquely require the leader’s personal attention: vision and leader development.

7 Key Paradigm Shifts

Although there has been spectacular church growth in recent decades, there has not been corresponding attention given to leader development during this time. Consequently, today we have a deficit of Christian leaders in the existing churches. In addition to this crisis of quantity of new leaders, we also face a crisis of quality of existing leaders.

The World Is Not Changed by People Who Think

Sailing seems to be only action: flying over the water, leaping over the white crests, slicing through the sea spray. But without thoughtful consideration the boat won’t take you where you want to go. The world is not changed by people who think. The world is changed by people who act. The world is changed well by people who think and act.

The Spiritual Nature of the Church

Just as the Christian life is union and fellowship, even so the church is union and fellowship. Its nature is union. Its nature is fellowship. Union and fellowship with Christ, and union and fellowship with each other – in Christ. That is all the church is: union and fellowship with each other, in Him. And every other aspect of church life will come out of that – inevitably and spontaneously. And it will be real. When it comes it will be genuine, and alive.

Enduring Well: Four Ways to Build Resilience – Full Article

Suffering is not limited to leaders; we all are called by God to endure adversity.

Enduring Well: Responsibility

In response to a negative situation, the lie says, “I can’t do anything about this.” In contrast, the truth says, “I may not be able to change everything, but here’s what I can do about this.” Even if it’s only a small thing at the time, internally taking responsibility, rather than simply resigning in despair, is the path of healthy thinking.

Enduring Well: Faith

The lie says, “This bad thing will never change and will only get worse.” This is unbelief and fear which, left unchecked, will destroy us. In contrast, the truth says, “God can do all things. There is nothing too hard for Him!”

Enduring Well: True Perspective

The lie says, “What just happened is huge. It is the end of the world. Things are hopeless!” This is an overreaction. The truth says, “What just happened is bad but, in reality, it’s only a small thing. It’s not the end of the world. And, from the perspective of eternity, it’s nothing!”
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