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Three Keys to Avoiding the Curve that Kills Good Leadership (and Leaders)

Leaders may be described as curving inward toward themselves and their own interests or curving outwards towards others. How do we achieve the convex shape of the leader who is “curved outward” toward those they lead and serve?

Five Ways Leaders Lose Credibility

The most important leadership characteristic is credibility. Here are five common ways leaders lose their credibility.

Great Preacher = Great Leader? Not So Fast!

When a leader admits his or her weaknesses in front of an audience, I think to myself: “That’s great that you see that and can articulate it so well. But how will you follow that up? What kinds of steps will you take over the next few months and years in response to what you just shared with everyone? Are you sharing because you want admiration – or accountability?”

Quiet Your Ego

I became a better thinker by becoming a better learner. To become a better learner, I had to quiet my ego. Edward D. Hess, Learn...

Rewards of Leadership

At Entrust, we realize people often volunteer to lead – even for the right position – for the wrong reasons. God often uses our character...

10 Keys for Compelling Teaching

What are the core values for teachers and preachers of God’s Word? I have spent a great deal of time considering that question. The...

Do You Overestimate Your Ability as a Leader?

How accurately do you estimate your ability as a leader? Do you think too highly of yourself, not highly enough, or about right? The Scriptures teach that we are inherently prone to both self-deception and pride. It’s critical for leaders to guard their lives and not assume that failure only happens to “other, weaker” leaders.

Three Battles Every Leader Must Win

Ever feel like your life is a constant battle? Want three keys to turning those battles into minor skirmishes? These battles are where the enemy seeks to render us ineffective in our work for our Lord. Scott reminds us that God is the owner of all aspects of a true leader’s life and calling. Releasing the ownership of these aspects to God’s capable hands gives the leader a great freedom from slavery to the responsibilities. This way of leadership is a journey of disciplined practice that leads to selflessness and being more Christ-like.

The 7 Lies of Living Cross Culturally

When we first choose to live as foreigners we are prime for the suckering. We are wide eyed and overflowing with enthusiasm. There are seven great deceptions, and most of us fall for at least five. I have personally tested them all. You know . . . for research.

Is Competition Wrong?

Competition may be a healthy motivator in many areas of our lives, but what if it becomes selfish ambition? Tom shares thoughts on how to keep our competitive spirit in check by remembering and obeying God’s directives about personal humility.

No Time Like the Present

Wise leaders learn from their previous experiences in cross-cultural situations. In this anecdote, Bill was well-prepared to face the physical challenges and slight inconveniences associated with his environment. One of his assumptions, however, resulted in a productive lesson learned in humility and vulnerability.

What an Illiterate Foster Kid Taught Me About Love

It is so easy to clean up the exterior and disciple people in a way that comes naturally to us, but the true Gospel, the one Christ hung on the cross for, is one that demands an inner wrenching of the soul and a deep commitment to His people. Sarah shares a moving experience when she learned much from a disciple she was seeking to transform.

God Can Call Anyone Into Leadership

Do you ever feel like you’ve stumbled into your leadership role? Take for example, Queen Esther. She pretty much fell into the role of queen, and never intended to be such a powerful and pivotal figure! God knew her courage, her devotion to Him and His people, and He knew she would touch the heart of the King.

Everybody Has a Weakness

A rope bridge is probably one of the most precarious tools to use while crossing a gorge or river because you trust your life to the rope’s strength. Solomon compared humans to a single-strand rope. Weakness is a human characteristic, and the Bible tells us that alone, one is weak, and two walking together are not easily overcome, but a three-stranded cord is hard to break (Ecc. 4:12). Dionna points out there are some weaknesses that God allows in order to help us become stronger in Him.

Adam’s Awkward Moment in Leadership

Awkward moments feel like we’re stepping off the edge of a cliff. Peter, the Apostle is quite famous for his awkward moments. Three times he was interrupted by God – by the Son (Matt. 16:23), by the Father from heaven (Matt. 17:5), and by the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:44). Yet Jesus made it clear that He believed in Peter and assured Peter of his usefulness to care for the flock of God (John 21:15-19; 1 Pet. 5:2-3).

Some Days You Need a Slice of Humble Pie

Bernard Baily said, “When science discovers the center of the universe, a lot of people will be disappointed to find they are not it.” Leaders can lose sight of how much others contribute to the whole scheme of things tending to allow pride to lead. Dionna highlights the necessity of keeping self in perspective through humbleness. She reminds us that everyone needs a dose of meekness to keep the balance in our lives.
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