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Stewing in Selfishness

Sometimes life moves quickly like fast-moving traffic. Sometimes we make a wrong turn and get stuck in a life traffic-jam, and then choose to stay there. We aren’t caring for others because we are too busy coddling ourselves. We are (and are choosing to be) ineffective in God’s Kingdom.

Transforming Theological Education

It is not a question of which way the wind blows. Theological education must be reconceived again and again in order for it to remain relevant and on the cutting edge. There are no magical solutions or formulas that give us the answers, but some pointers to spur the discussion are suggested here. Paul Cornelius argues for a reinvention that demands changes in how curriculum is viewed and developed.

You Want Me to go Where, God?: A Review of Caleb Bislow’s Dangerous

Caleb Bislow wrote a book about his calling. He is a farm boy from Nebraska, and went from a restless life as a Christian youth pastor in the Midwest, to quitting his job, emptying his bank account, and traveling deep into Africa.

Hurt by the Church?

Not only is there healing and recovery for those who have experienced church hurt but you can learn powerful and positive life-changing lessons on the journey. What happens when Christians aren't behaving like Christians?

Worship in Art

I know that other artists feel the same spiritual connection that I do while creating. I hear artists talk about it a lot. However, I've noticed that most artists don’t talk about this experience in relationship to Jesus.

Don’t Be a Stupid Criminal

Trading is an age-old system. But shouldn’t you make sure whatever you are trading is at least as valuable as what you give up?

Life Management in Ministry Leadership – Video

Today’s ministry leaders face serious challenges. For many, the dream has become a nightmare. This workshop helps ministry leaders to take an honest look at their own lives and ministries, identify and implement strategies for change, and develop a more effective approach to life management in ministry and leadership.

Growing Local – Video

Can the church build healthy leaders who are capable of leading like Jesus? This workshop uncovers three key principles for building healthy leaders in the local church.

Leaders Journeying Together – Video

Ask almost any younger mission leader today, regardless of his or her country of origin, “Who is looking out for you and your well-being?” The answer is painfully predictable: “No one.” Younger mission leaders are hungry. They are hungry for in-depth relationships with older leaders who are authentic and vulnerable, and who will serve as experienced guides and shepherds.

Ah, Lord God! Moment

“I was helping to train an overseas group of emerging leaders and seeking to impart skills to them for understanding the New Testament. Together we were noticing how Jesus, at first, hid Himself from a couple of disciples (Luke 24:13-16). Then as they walked, while His identity was hidden, He showed them how all the Scriptures spoke of Him (v. 25-27).”

Adam’s Awkward Moment in Leadership

Awkward moments feel like we’re stepping off the edge of a cliff. Peter, the Apostle is quite famous for his awkward moments. Three times he was interrupted by God – by the Son (Matt. 16:23), by the Father from heaven (Matt. 17:5), and by the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:44). Yet Jesus made it clear that He believed in Peter and assured Peter of his usefulness to care for the flock of God (John 21:15-19; 1 Pet. 5:2-3).

Whom Do I Shoot?

In the heat of battle, armies frequently experience casualties due to “friendly fire,” and the church suffers in the same way.

Dialogue with Theophilus Exercise

Having church in odd places: planes, trains, or mountaintops? This design is great for any group of believers who gather for some quality Bible study together. The great thing is that it is completely portable so you can do it in a workshop, a classroom, a living room, on-line, or on a mountaintop.

The Questions of an Observer – Video

Observing the global forces in play, the resulting speed of cultural shifts, and the critical nature of emerging issues – our re-shaped context is like no other.

The State of Social Learning for Developing Leaders – Video

A revolution in learning is upon us where relationally driven learning replaces simple content delivery as the best use of technology. Adults learn best in a collaborative context that empowers them to pursue their deepest learning needs without barriers. This is what drove the very creation of the internet. We will explore how current trends are moving technology beyond creating social networks for fun or self-promotion, to facilitating intentional, collaborative learning cultures.

A Tale of Two Mars Hills

Paul spoke to Athenians from Mars Hill, a prominent outcropping where philosophers “would would spend their time in nothing except telling or hearing something new” (Acts 17:21). He faced the same kinds of unbelief, doubt, and “advanced thought” that the church faces today. Eric draws a stark comparison between two other Mars Hills.

Leader Development Assessment:

Hindsight may be 20/20, but wise leaders also use tools to keep sailing forward in the right direction. They may not have huge binoculars like a seaman, but they do have assessment tools to understand how leader development training is affecting their organization – if it causes a positive effect or a negative effect. Tom discusses the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of leader development events. He notes that discussing reactions, learning, behaviors, and results helps organizations to analyze the actual worth of training, thus holding the organization’s rudder to good stewardship and accountability standards.

Staying Emotionally Healthy in Ministry Leadership – Video

I have personally been on a journey and have learned a variety of perspectives on this topic in doing doctoral studies, as well as involvement in a retreat center and revitalization experience with a ministry to missionaries. The content of this workshop is on understanding who we are, how our relationship with Christ relates to our emotional well-being, practical ways to have right perspectives and balance in life, focusing our minds on truth and being aware of lies we believe, and the importance of the Body in our walk of faith.

Putting Your Oxygen Mask on First – Video

Most of us are so busy ministering to, or leading and managing others, that we do a poor job of managing ourselves. I want to share powerful principles, from Jesus’ example, for avoiding burn-out ourselves, and to identify the root cause of what often drives us to such destructive lifestyles or behaviors.

Discipleship through Hospitality – Video

The practice of hospitality is normative for following Jesus and can be seen in Scriptures such as Hebrews 13:2 and Romans 12:13. In this seminar, we explore what Biblical hospitality looks like and how it can be a natural part of a leader’s life in making disciples.

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